The Lonely Path

February 17, 2011 | Category: Nocturnal Photography

The sky moves over a lonely section of my running route.

This is a curvy section of a dedicated bike route near the river in Reno. Its part of my running route, only minutes away from my house and I’ve been meaning to shoot it for some time now. My goal is to shoot more urban star trails shots so why not start with this….

Once funny note about this shot: During the exposure some young teens walked the path (right into my frame) and upon realizing that there was someone sitting motionless in the shadows, they turned white and sprinted away in the direction they came from. The whole thing happened so fast that they didn’t show up in my frame 🙂

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One Comments

  1. Lee Metcalfe
    on October 1st, 2011

    Hi Dan, Stumbled across your work just recently and love your work especially your star trails and milky way shots.Up untill seeing your guide to stacking iv allways just done the one exposure shots,read your guide and did my first stack afew eves ago and was amazed at the results, even done a time lapse.The shot above is cool and we have a path very similar just at the end of our road and thats my next port of call for a trail on the next clear night.I like that you can trail in partly lit areas with the stacking method.Here in the uk its very hard to find really dark areas but this method solves that problem.
    Good work and keep it up.