Here’s one from a late AM night of bouldering with Paul near Carson City, NV.

The shoot was a little disorganized: we showed up in the dark, the batteries were dead on our spotlight, I had never been to the spot before and Paul had only climbed there once. On top of that, it was ridiculously windy and the stands blew over a few times. But it was fun and we’ll hopefully do it again, perhaps earlier than 1am next time.

Paul Bouldering in Washoe Valley, NV


The image was captured using a Nikon D3 and a 17-35mm 2.8 lens. Two strobes with red gels were used  to freeze the climber (sort of) and an LED flashlight (also red gelled) was also used to paint in the rock and background. In post-processing, the speedlights were removed and the light painted frames were combined with the strobed frame. There’s a tiny bit of motion blur from his leg moving, but it was necessary to pull in the starry background. The final exposure was 8 seconds, at f/4 and ISO 1000 (to pull in the stars). The strobes were set to rear sync.

By the way, just after this shot, the rock broke and since someone had moved the crash pad out of the shot, Paul hit pretty hard, but still landed on his feet.

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  1. Tom Compton
    on April 28th, 2010

    Dan, Nice jog, again. I love how you took an action sport scene with light painting. Nice saturation. Very dramatic.


  2. cale
    on April 29th, 2010

    nice job Dan, your light painting is my favorite man, keep it up.

  3. Kevin
    on April 29th, 2010

    Nice stars. I got clouds on my side 🙁 Great job tho!

  4. Amber
    on May 9th, 2010

    This is crazy cool seeing the climber AND the stars. Awesome.

  5. Anthony Perez
    on May 9th, 2010

    Absolutely love it, the stars in the background look ace, cant wait for summer so i have time to start photographing again :P!

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  7. Richard
    on August 25th, 2010

    Great photo. Looks like a very nice spot for bouldering.