Stairway to….

June 1, 2009 | Category: Photography

I’m not even going to finish the cliché title. We’ve been getting some beautiful stormy weather this week and today I took advantage of the gorgeous skies.


This was shot with my Infrared converted Nikon D100 + 17-55mm f/2.8 lens @ f/14, ISO 200, 1/40 of a sec.

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  1. Jon
    on June 1st, 2009

    Is that Geiger Lookout?

    How does one “convert” a digital camera to infared?

  2. Dan Newton
    on June 1st, 2009


    Yea its Geiger. To convert a camera to infrared, the low pass filter must be removed and replaced with a filter that blocks the visible spectrum wavelengths and allows the 700-1000nm band to pass through (the IR spectrum).

    You can buy these filters from or have them do the conversion.

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