Today I had some time to modify the CIS housing with the goal of eliminating the “keyhole” vignetting issue that the scanner had. I was able to eliminate half of the vignetting (see photo below).

Post CIS mod image area 

After the modification, I tried my first medium-low resolution scan (50 megapixels at 1200dpi, 16bit grayscale). Anything higher quality would’ve taken too long to scan since I still haven’t designed a way to mount the scanner to the camera. I had to basically hand hold it. The scan took about 30 seconds and I moved a little bit. Also the focusing was done in low light without a loupe and the camera was working at a fairly wide open aperture for the format, so the photo is a bit softer than it could be.

Here is a rough crop from the photo above compared to a similarly composed photo taken by my 12mp D300 with a roughly equivalent focal length.

Early comparison, 50mp vs 12mp

Keep in mind that this project is still a very early work in progress. I plan to eliminate the rest of the vignetting as well as the banding and eventually the camera will shoot color 400 megapixel images.


For part 1 of the project, click here.

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