Behind the Scenes: a Compilation!

October 4, 2008 | Category: Photography

I thought it would be fun to put together some “behind the scenes” photos from the various photography outings and shoots over the last year or so. Most of the photos have the regulars from our “group.” Not all of the photos are mine and if anyone wants to add or remove a photo, email me.

Here is the result of a D2x with a fisheye tossed into the air. Photo by Fielding. This was our playa photo group. The next photo is my perspective of this shot.

Lots more photos after the break…



Wacky Equipment Setups:

Fielding's D2x recording the photo above.Super clamping to Mike's Nova for some timelapse/action photos. Fielding punishes his D2x for not being full-frame, photo by Kris. Its goofy, but it worked for the Tahoe sunrise. Placing a remote camera for some action and timelapse photography, Fielding, Mike and I. Credit goes to Kris. We were well equiped on our Mono Lake trip This is why full power is over-rated 

Fielding Cathcart:

Fielding shooting some college tennis, photo by me.Fielding setting up a strobe in the I-80 flumes.  Fielding shooting Katie More camera toss action, he dropped it on that throw, seriously!Don't ask me what is happening hereShooting ringside a Joey Gilbert Fight   The secret to affording sweet equipment: work at a camera store, imagine that.

Nick Higman:

Nick tasting the lightShamelessly stolen from Nick's flickr account, Nick and his 4x5 Neither Hell or high water, let alone a camera and a sprained wrist will get him to put down his cigarette Important supplies for any photo shoot... Shot by FieldingNick at UNR, photo by Fielding   


Me shooting my Shen-Hao 4x5, photo by Kris. Lighting test, shot by FieldingSelf portrait, Mike and Kevin are the murderers  Me shooting some boarding, photo by Fielding  UNR's mascott "Wolfie" didn't want to get in my shot Pinup shoot

Everyone Else:


Mike Sweeney from ETN shooting a music video for Push Box Taking a break from out shoot on the playa Fielding (left) and I shooting at Burney Falls, CA. Photo by KrisShooting with the group downtown Reno, late at night. Clay likes to jump!Clay likes to smoke...alot Fielding and I setting up in the I-80 Flumes, photo by Nick  Tony Working with Jim Bowers on a corporate VP portrait for Haws Co. Taking a nap on our way to Mono Lake ETN's Mike Sweeney:   Kris shooting by the airport Carlos and Fielding shooting Brianna at the Jerome, AZ Strobist meetup Drunk11 stitches from the most effective and sharp "No Tresspassing" sign ever. Yes, this defines irony. This truck crashed a few feet from us, John Pappenfort checks to see if the drivers are ok.   Mike and Fielding covering a local fire Evidence that I am taller than Fielding Fielding, Nick and Tony walking on the I-80 Flumes  Reverend Asa Gilmore Christa and Keven shooting for UNRAn epic battle between the Viking (Asa) and Jesus (me)

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  2. Asa
    on October 8th, 2008

    I love stuff like this. Great post.

    And Viking vs. Jesus is way the hell better than Pirates vs. Ninjas.

  3. Gus
    on October 8th, 2008

    Viking vs. Zombie Jesus = mo bettah

  4. mike
    on December 18th, 2008

    sweet, never saw this before. i might have some photos to add for this.