Solitary Confinement

April 8, 2008 | Category: Photography

This was only visible sign of life that we found during our expedition inside the multiple mile long wooden flume near Reno, NV. Fielding, Nick, Tony and I spend hours exploring and photographing this amazing find!

The flume turned out to be a fairly dangerous place as one of the photographers in our group almost fell through the rotten, wooden floor. We could see light coming through the floor in places. The flume runs about 15-20 feet above the ground, so falling through would not have been too fun.

Solitary ConfinementFielding placing the strobe

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  2. Almir Puglia
    on August 24th, 2010

    Hi Dan,
    This photo looks absolutely amazing. My question is if you exposure 16x @ 4 min. would be 1h/20 min. total exposure? And what would be the interval between shots?

    Thank you,