Its been about a month since I’ve posted anything and I haven’t really been doing much shooting. I did a product shoot for a local camera repair shop, I’ve been working on a pinup calendar for the last 4 weekends with my buddy Fielding (our first real job for our new business) and I’ve finally picked up some studio lighting giving me a reason to shoot a gas mask I’ve been meaning to use in a photo. (I have big plans for a set of those masks) (I really like parenthesis) (oh ya, I forgot to add a period to the end of that last sentence) (.)

Fear: a self portrait  Pinup girl for a calender


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Lonely Night

Some technical notes:

First photo: Nikon D200 @ 24mm, f22, a single interfit 600ws strobe at 1/32 very close with reflector dish, self port hand held

Second photo: (I think Fielding was shooting, we both set up lighting and took turns shooting, we also worked with hair and makeup artists):Nikon D2x, 28-70, f/8, interfit 600ws w/large octobank high and to camera right with a diffusion screen just in front of the octo, a shoot through umbrella to camera left, silver umbrella for background and snooted hair light on opposites behind

Third photo: Composed of 3 exposures: 1) lens off, casing on. 2) casing carefully removed. 3) lens mounted with casing removed. Camera was placed on a piece of glass with white paper underneath and lit with 3 diffused lights (one directly above and 2 on either side). Shot with a Nikon d50 and a 55mm micro (my ebay camera at work).

Fourth photo: A shot from a solo overnight trip to mono lake. It figures this was my favorite shot from the trip (not landscapes of the lake) Nikon D200, 12-24, 15-20 seconds

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